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MRCGP AKT Online Mock Exams

- Complete 200 question AKT Mock Exams

- All questions are at the same level as the real AKT exam

- Includes all common question formats - SBA, EMQ, Short Answer, Picture tests

- Screen layout similar to the real AKT exam to improve familiarity and speed

- Same timing as the real exam - 190 minutes for 200 questions

- Extended time option also available for doctors that get 25% extra time in the exam - 237.5 minutes per mock

- Answers and explanations available once you complete the mock exam

- 3 domains covered like the real exam: 80% clinical, 10% organisational, 10% evidence interpretation

- Up to date - includes topics highlighted in recent AKT exams

- Clinical and Stats questions suitable for doctors taking the MRCGP International Part 1 (AKT-MCQ)

- We have 3 different full AKT mock exams available. Mock A is part of our main AKT online question bank. You can subscribe to Mock B or Mock C as standalone full mocks, or we have a discounted bundle with Mocks A+B+C here, or  by clicking the image or button below:

30 per full mock exam - 2 week subscription

3 X full mock bundle - Mocks A+B+C - 69 for 1 month

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AKT Mock


AKT Mock Bundle

Register AKT

30 per full mock exam - 2 week subscription

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk