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GP Stage 3 Assessment Online Revision

Our interactive online revision package for the GP ST Stage 3 assessments will help you prepare for your selection centre day. This service complements our intensive 1 day Stage 3 courses that allows you to practice EVERY stage 3 task. The service consists of an online course made up of video tutorials and a set of sample tasks for you to practice.

Tutorials cover:

- Stage 3 Overview -what to expect, the mark scheme for 2016

- Simulated consultation overview - the 3 different types, key areas

- Communication and consultation skills

- Colleague consultations - exploring issues + significant event discussions

- Breaking Bad News

- Written Prioritisation Tasks

- Simulated Consultations - Common mistakes and how to avoid them

- Complete 10 minute video consultations showing high scoring examples for all 3 types - 6 videos

Stage 3

Having examples of high scoring consultations for all 3 types will allow you to see exactly what a great consultation looks like, and help you to put some of the techniques discussed in the lectures into practise. By including a live timer, you can also see how to use your time to demonstrate all the areas needed to help you get a really high score and hopefully get your first choice job.You can see some actual screenshots from 4 of the 6 consultations below:

We also have sample tasks to allow you to practise for all 4 parts of the 2016 Stage 3 assessments:

  • Written Prioritisation exercise - 15 mock exams with the same layout as the real thing
  • 30 sample simulated consultations for you to practise including:
    • Simulated consultations - with patients
    • Simulated consultations - with relatives and carers
    • Simulated consultations - with colleagues

Our sample tasks are in the same format as the real exam, to allow you to familiarise yourself with the format and help you to practise with your colleagues. All 30 simulated consultations come with a doctor's sheet (with instructions laid out exactly as in the real exam), a sheet for the patient / relative / colleague (with detailed background and issues to allow role playing), and an examiner's sheet, with key learning points.

Please note, some of the features on our Stage 3 online revision service require Adobe Flash which is not supported on iPad or iPhone at present. You can view the full service on a standard desktop computer or laptop.

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