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Foundation Situational Judgement Test Questions (SJT)

Our interactive online SJT questions have been designed to help you prepare for the Foundation Situational Judgement Test.

Key features:

- 219 Foundation Situational Judgement Test Questions

- Updated for 2022 entry: all 3 types of SJT question covered - rating, selection (multiple choice), and ranking SJTs

- Detailed answers and explanations for every question to help improve your technique

- 85 question minimock exam with timed, untimed, and extended time versions

- Suitable for the Foundation SJT exam in EVERY UK medical school

- All questions and explanations are mapped to the Foundation SJT domains

- Marked in the same way as the real Foundation SJT exam

SJT Questions


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If you subscribe to our popular 1 day Foundation SJT Preparation course (6+ hours of videos), you will get free access to the online questions for the duration of your subscription!

Foundation SJT course

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