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FY2 Standalone SJT Mock Exam

Our interactive online FY2 SJT mock exam offers a full mock with answers and explanations in the ratings format used for FY2 Standalone.

- 120 FY2 ratings SJT items in total

- All 3 types of ratings FY2 SJT question covered - standard ratings, evolving dilemmas, speech dilemmas

- Detailed answers and explanations for every question to help improve your technique

- 20 scenario full mock FY2 SJT exam with 120 ratings SJT stems

- Timed, untimed, and extended time versions

- Suitable for the FY2 Standalone SJT

- All questions and explanations are mapped to the Foundation Year 2 SJT domains

- Marked in the same way as the real FY2 Standalone SJT exam


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If you subscribe to our popular 1 day FY2 SJT Preparation course you will get free access to our full online FY2 SJT Mock exam after the course.

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